Special Materials

Special materials require exceptional craftsmen who have been trained in the techniques for working with the specific material. Crafting time and expense is extended for each type based on its cost or the magical enhancement, whichever is higher, e.g. if it gives a +2 bonus, look at the time for crafting a magic item of that rarity.

This very rare innately magical metal is much stronger than steel while being 50% heavier. It applies a +2 bonus to armor and weapons which are treated as magical. It’s magical nature is such that it is actually disruptive to magic and other energies making it difficult (but not impossible) to enchant unless the enchantments are anti-magical in nature. Thus extra crafting and materials can give this armor resistances or other defensive capabilities, increasing the cost beyond the base cost. It’s therefore less common to see it with more proactive magical abilities.
Cost: 50x the cost of items made of more standard metals, minimum 2500gp for armor and weapons.

Glass Steel
This is a magical substance fabricated from rare minerals by alchemists. The recipe was perfected by alchemist tinker gnomes. It is as strong and heavy as steel but transparent like glass. Slashing and piercing weapons made from this material are very sharp and become +1 magical weapons. Other weapons are considered magical for overcoming resistances but have no enhancement. Druids will not wear armor made of this substance. They consider it a form of steel.
Cost: 10x the cost of items made of more standard metals, minimum 250gp for armor and weapons.

This rare and innately magical metal is stronger than steel but half the weight. It applies a base +1 magical bonus to armor and weapons. In addition, armor made with it does not apply disadvantage to stealth. It is receptive to extra crafting to add proactive magical abilities, e.g. a Dancing Sword. It’s less receptive to additional defensive abilities. Thus additional defensive abilities are less common than more proactive ones.
Cost: 20x the cost of items made of more standard metals, minimum 500gp for armor and weapons.

Reduces the weight of the wooden portion of items by half. Made of lighter weight wood that has been alchemically treated to strengthen it via a process perfected by wood elves. It’s not innately magical but most magic staves, if they’re wooden, are made of darkwood. all sorts of items can be made from it to make them lighter for travel.
Cost: 20gp additional per pound based on standard wood weight.

Turtle-shell breastplate
Made from the shell of a large sea turtle and contains no metal. Thus it can be worn by druids. Costs 1000gp.

Special Materials

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