New Classes

School of Crystal Magic (New arcane tradition for wizards)
The school of crystal magic deals with the creation and use of specialized crystals to both store information and to focus, store, and control magic in ways foreign to more traditional arcane practices. Precision, order, and control are emphasized. Therefore, crystal mages tend toward more lawful alignments. Chaoticly aligned crystal mages are rare if not unheard of.

A crystal mage’s powers depend on having crystals they have prepared to focus and receive information and magic so such a wizard typically has multiple such crystals on their person. They favor crystals and crystal orbs as an arcane focus because these types of foci are needed for many archetype features. If they aren’t using a crystal focus or a crystal orb, their wands and staves typically have at least one crystal mounted somewhere on them.

Crystal Lore Savant
Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level, you can alter a crystal’s structure to store information. Images and written words can be stored in a crystal for later retrieval at a cost similar to creating a book. A crystal or crystal orb that has been prepared into an arcane focus may also be used as a spellbook, recording your spells and then using the crystal to prepare your spells. Deciphering and making extra copies of spells uses materials of the same cost as those for a standard spellbook.

These information-storing crystals do not radiate magic, but someone may discover their nature upon careful investigation with a successful intelligence (arcana) check—DC 15, at which point they can slowly begin to decipher and translate the information within, a tedious and time-consuming process. Another crystal wizard will recognize it automatically and be able to retrieve the information as easily as reading any book. The spells in a spellbook crystal from another wizard can be deciphered and copied at the same cost as from a standard spellbook. However, a wizard who is not a crystal mage needs quadruple the normal time to do so (8 hours per spell level).

Crystal Caster
Starting at 2nd level, you can cast some spells via a crystal spellbook without having prepared them ahead of time. You can cast half your level worth of spell slots, rounded up, without having prepared them. You must expend the slots as normal to power these spells. These levels can be cast in any combination. For instance, a 5th level crystal wizard can cast 3 levels worth of spells in this manner. He could cast one 3rd level spell, three 1st level spells, or a 1st and a 2nd level spell without having prepared them. Once you complete a long rest, this ability is restored.

Crystal Spell Vessel
Starting at 6th level, you can cast and store a single spell within a crystal arcane focus or a crystal orb arcane focus. You may not use this ability again until you finish a short or long rest. The holder of the crystal can then activate the spell with a command word that you choose using a bonus action. Any material components are required upon the initial casting but not upon activating the crystal to discharge. The spell attack bonus or spell DC is determined using the crystal wielder’s intelligence. They may also add their proficiency bonus if they’re an arcane caster. The energy of the spell fades from the crystal if 24 hours pass without it being cast, if you use this ability again (with any crystal), or if you use the same crystal for Aggressive Spell Vessel (see below).

Crystal Channeling
Starting at 10th level, you can alter the structure of a crystal arcane focus or crystal orb arcane focus such that you can then channel your spells through that focus to enhance them. When you use this ability, choose one of the following effects:

  1. Increase the attack bonus of your spells by 2.
  2. Increase the DC of your spell saving throws by 2.
  3. Add 2 to ability checks required by your spells (e.g. Dispel Magic and Counterspell).
  4. Overcome resistance: Specify an energy type. Your spells will ignore resistance to that type.
  5. Ignore any one aspect of disadvantage applied to the casting of your spells.
    It takes one minute to complete the transformation of the crystal. You may not use this ability again until you finish a short or long rest. When you use this ability, any previous effects on any crystal end.

Aggressive Spell Vessel
Starting at 14th level, you’ve learned to channel external magic into your crystal foci. Using a crystal arcane focus or a crystal orb arcane focus, you can cast Counterspell or Dispel Magic at their lowest levels without expending a spell slot. If you do not know these spells, they are added to your spellbook. If you succeed at dispelling or countering another caster’s spell in this manner, some of the energy is then stored in your crystal for later use. Once you use this ability, you cannot use it again until you finish a short or long rest. The energy thus stored will allow you to cast one spell of half the level, rounded up, of the spell countered or dispelled without expending a spell slot as long as you are holding that crystal. The spell energy fades if you don’t use it within 24 hours, if you use this ability again (with any crystal), or if you use the same crystal for Crystal Spell Vessel (see above).

New Classes

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